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My Pads Starter Pack

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If your start clean, you will stay clean. This Starter Pack will begin to put your hooha back to its clean state. 100% Organic Pads, Restores your PH balance back to normal, Eliminates Odor, No Poisons, Increases Energy.

It is Biodegradable and does not stay in the landfill.

My Pads are super absorbent and can hold 3 times what traditional pads can hold.

The patented Ion strip helps to alleviate the issues that poisons cause inside your vaginal area.

This Box Includes: 48 Items

30 ct Panty Liners

1 all natural cotton Sanitary Wipes

1 Sisters(c) ph balance simple detector

10ct Daytime Pads

8 ctNight Time Pads

Please go to our Hooha Chronicles and learn more about the dangers of Traditional Store bought pads that are made out of plastic and wood fillers

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